Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grandma Power

There is a baby boomlet going on in the neighborhood which has led to a bumper crop of devoted new grannies (and grandpas), many of whom are making superhuman efforts to be there for their kids and grands no matter the distances between them. Here, from our favorite independent bookstore, Redbery Books, is a lump-in-the-throat inducing book about the strength of a grandma's love.

Bibs embellished with a transportation motif seem like good go-with gifts.

Here you can read an interview with illustrator Julie Paschkis at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Then you can check out her colorful website.

It was just yesterday (and don't try to convince us otherwise) that we waved (between contractions) to some of these new, young mothers and fathers as they passed by the house on their very first day of school, on the very day the first baby was born to this family. Oh my! How time flies.

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wynne said...

I love this Laura. Better order a FEW! Thanks for the thoughtful recognition of these joyful life events!