Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Getting Loopy

You might think it is right up there with other questionably valuable pursuits such as underwater basket weaving, but hot pad making is the perfect activity for those of us blessed with both a short attention span, and a compulsion to multitask. We can  turn out one hot pad per Big Bang Theory or Parks and Recreation episode, no sweat.

And, they are the best hot pads AKA potholders ever!

Even better, it is a frustration free experience with these wonderful, all exactly the right size, loops from Harrisville Designs.

And how about those colors?! No one is going to lose these babies in the jumble of the towel drawer.

Since we just can't stop and have built up a surplus we are now taking orders. But if you want to skip the labor charge come on over on Thursday night for some TV and make your own. Offer also available during The Voice, Parenthood, or anything on Masterpiece Theater. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's Azure Thing

This year's theme for the Bachman's Spring Ideas House ,"Aegean Oasis", was a fresh breath of ocean air helping to usher in spring during a very grey, stagnant, Midwestern end of winter.

Come on in through the Porch set up for a lovely garden party.

The highlight of the Sunroom is a wooden trough turned into a glass garden.

The amazing, dizzying wallpaper is Fleurique Ibiza.

Dramatic statuary and shelves create some serious focal points in the Living Room.

Succulents are still in style and look great in these interesting, tiny containers on this vintage bench turned coffeetable.

The vibe is very Zen.

And in the Dining Room?

Who knew ranunculus could look so exotic?

Ironically, the dining room paint color that provides the base for this tropical scene is Hirschfield's  0688 "Cold North".

Pretty details from the Kitchen include this catchall cubby organized with ceramic berry baskets.

Dishtowels held by napkin rings make for a light window dressing.

The headboard in the Girl's Bedroom is made from a bamboo room divider.

The orange night stand is a re-purposed typing table.

This Ideas House featured several stenciled paint patterns throughout the house. Here's one.

The magnetic board is simply salvaged metal.

First up in the Tablescapes Room - The Bright Rio Table.

Followed up by the Watercolor Wedding Table.

And the Spring Succulents Table.


Something's tastefully fishy in the bathroom.

More great stenciling found in the Master Bedroom.

Dark on light.

And light on dark.

Sea-colored glass in every room really makes an impact and carries the Aegan theme throughout the house.

The Reading Room. Cozy!

Back to the porch.

Past some fun, cold-resistant, outdoor container designs.

And home again to the house of beige.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Eternal Soap

Part two of the "You can't Take it with You" series.

All the wonderful fragrant gift soaps that have been tucked into dresser drawers making our unmentionables smell like...goats? eggs? seaweed? and well, roses and lavender too, need to be used NOW. 

In the past our occasional attempts to use fancy bars in the bathroom shared with the four males in this household resulted without fail, in a nicely scented glob of  sudsy goo stuck to the bottom of the tub, where it had fallen and was left to do what sodden soap does. 

No more! It's out of the closet and into the shower for this collection. You won't be finding these at the estate sale. And that goes for the hotel soap stash too. 

To aid us in our mission we would appreciate your only commenting when we smell fresh as a flower and holding your tongue, and your nose if necessary, should any farmyard odors be detected  wafting around our personal airspace. 

Thank you very much.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Season's Musings

The plan was for a relaxed holiday weekend with a low fuss Sunday meal menu. 

It seemed like it would be uncomplicated until, as we were digging out the recipes and starting to make a grocery list we got to wondering... 

is it wrong to devil the Easter eggs?

Image from The Graphics Fairy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Plant Therapy

May we suggest pansy pots for peace of mind and soul soothing Springiness on a cold April day? 

It's working for us.