Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Silver Linings

It has been difficult to find anything to appreciate about this cold, cruel winter. But thousands are trying by flocking to the Lake Superior shore to experience the ice caves of Bayfield County.

NDL official real photographer Sam Plasch ventured out across several miles of 18" thick ice to capture these beautiful images and has graciously agreed to share them with those of us not able or intrepid enough to make the trip ourselves.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Local Love Lingo

Seen at a local auction house.

A fitting sentiment for today and everyday no matter how youz say it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Groovy, Possibly Gravy-Stained, Valentine

Perfect for that big Valentine's day date.

In 1968. 

For people living somewhere that has above zero temps on February 14. 

Who aren't afraid they might show up at the restaurant in the same dress their table is wearing.

Monday, February 10, 2014

You Can't Take it with You, but You Can Pass it On

Here, from The Pristine Kitchen Towel Collection is an example of some very clever thinking.

This thoughtfully gifted dishcloth with cuke recipe is from Kite Flying Society of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

If you are looking for a very special gift for family or friends consider placing a custom order to have towels made featuring an heirloom recipe of your own. Think of what a hit it would be at your next family reunion, bridal shower, or multi-generational Christmas cookie bake!

And while you are at the Kite Flying Society Etsy site check out their original creation, the Blank Canvas Bib for the little abstract artists in your life. Fun!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

You Can't Take it with You

A recent sort out of the kitchen drawers uncovered a surprisingly, one might even say embarrassingly,
 large trove of beautiful dishcloths in mint condition.

We do love linens with great graphics. Others know this and have gifted us many pretty and useful cloths for special occasions, as souvenirs of trips to areas known for their textile tradition, or just because. We of course have helped the collection grow. 

These kinds of purchases are relatively inexpensive, very packable in both luggage and kitchen drawers, and easy to rationalize. It is a small sacrifice to have to jettison a sad pair of undies to make room in the suitcase, or relegate a dingy old towel from an overstuffed pantry shelf to the rag bin*. 

That's how the cotton plant circle of life goes. 

We can see that these examples are indeed lovely and could be useful, if we would actually use them.


"It's too good to use", is the sentiment that has allowed us to find brand new items at estate sales again and again. 

So obviously we are not the only ones saving our best for some "good enough" occasion, and although it might be nice of us to help out someone's future eBay enterprise by leaving pristine period pieces for them to buy at the sale of our own estate, we have decided that it's time to cut the tags and enjoy!

Even if we could take our fine collection of linens with us, we dearly hope that wherever we are going after this there are no dirty dishes.

*This seldom happens however as the same five awful towels are used and washed repeatedly so that the good ones remain perfect in the drawer waiting for hmmm... a visit from the queen?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Double Monkey Wrench

Known to many as a Churn Dash block, we are choosing to call it by one of its many alternate names. Churn dash doesn't mean much to anybody anymore. Monkey wrench probably doesn't either. But anytime one has the option of choosing a monkey related anything why wouldn't they?

The patterned fabric is American Jane by Sandy Klop for Moda. In its several incarnations it has been called, or been part of lines called - Peas and Carrots, Magic Beans, Potluck, and in a mono color version, Pezzy Prints.

Please don't look too closely for imperfect corners. There are plenty and many more to come when the blocks are fit together. 

This is a reverse Double Monkey Wrench. 
We will throw in a few of these negative space blocks just to see who's paying attention.

There have been many challenges to quilting lately, but spring is a long way off....