Monday, October 3, 2011

The Sultan Welcomes You

For 15 years we have driven by the Turk's Inn sign on our way to and from the lake area, but never had time to stop.

For many of those years there was a dog along whose sniffing became faster as the air became full of the scent of algae, or pines, or whitetail deer or whatever it was that triggered her Pavlovian response to a near hyperventilating head-out-the-window-state. She certainly could not be left alone in the car tortured by the anticipation of a good swim and some magnificent squirrel chasing, while we enjoyed a leisurely dining stop.

Little boys also did not have time for this kind of silly adult activity. The lake, the boat, the woods, the fish all called and said, "do not stop now", as they too saw and smelled that we were almost at the lake. Why would we ever stop when we were so close to little boy paradise.

Nowadays the pace of the lake trips has slowed, so when we heard a rumor that the Turk's Inn wasn't going to be around forever, and knowing that we would have regrets if we never saw the inside of this Northwoods legend while we had the chance, we decided that we needed to get there, and soon.

Our expectations were met and far surpassed. There was amazing decor, decadently deliciously steak and lamb chops, classic cocktails, friendly staff, and vintage swag. Here is a glimpse of the wonder that is the Turk's Inn.

You can read much more of the fascinating story of the Turk's Inn (including tales of gangster and celebrity guests) as told by owner Marge Gogan at Gypsynester.


wynne said...

Love this travelogue update. Aren't you in France? Or Is it Turkey?

Honeybee said...

Wyn - She's eating turkey in France! (Word verification: "fornizi" - a new kind of pasta?

Georgiann said...

Isn't she clever? apparently posting while "abroad"?