Friday, November 4, 2011

Miracle Worker

Visiting the old alma mater and hometown we were pleased to see that at least one thing was not smaller than we remembered it. This legendary giant of the Indiana educational system tried to teach us driving and U.S. History, but even a veteran teacher such as Henry "Hank" Clason could only do so much with what he had to work with. We stayed awake in one class better than the other. And we suppose that if polled, most people would say that the more important subject to be alert for is the one that affects public safety. If we ever make it to Who Wants to be a Millionaire we'll be phoning a friend from a little higher up on the honor roll for names, dates, and places.

Since that barely-worth-mentioning incident in 1974 of over-correction into a tulip bed, and except for a few warnings for small matters like running lights that were (we swear) 3/4 yellow or driving a couple miles over the posted limit, our record is pretty clean. Ticket-wise that is.

There was that time we pulled away from the filling station before returning the gas nozzle to the pump.....

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