Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rorschach Christmas

Quick, what do you see?

How about now?

Did you answer stainless steel scrapless cookie cutter? No? Verrry interesting.

Get the picture now? Yes, it's crunch time for getting those Christas cookies done, but we know several boys who would be pretty unhappy if there were no scraps to steal and eat.

Hmmm...there's Santa, Mary and babe, a star, a bell...and a... T-bone steak, a red-nosed dog and an amoeba?

Let's look closer. Yup, that's what we're seein'. Analyze that!


Tacitus2 said...

I'm seeing a squirrel composed of green vapor, and a Santa sleigh slightly smaller than the Santa. Oh well, he must have some advanced Tardis technology to fit the world's present supply in there, so his own rear end is not much more of a logical stretch...

Shaundra said...

Funny! That would actually be a good idea for something like hexagon shapes or something, and just decorate them with christmassy coloured icing and candies. Since I had to roll out dough scraps approximately 25 times so that Sylvie felt happy about wasting not one single bit, I am liking the theory. I am an over the top germaphobe so I don't allow them to eat raw dough.