Monday, October 8, 2012

The Dirty Dancing Cure

Recently, in an effort to clean-up an ongoing problem with poor etiquette at school dances, administrators at Sheboygan North High School took a page straight from Mrs. PiggleWiggle
When the homecoming dance started to resemble the sultriest scenes from Dirty Dancing rather than the mostly innocent, carefree choreography of Footloose administrators conferred in the hallway outside the dance and decided that Principal Jason Bull would read a pre-written statement. 
The statement outlined options for the evening that seemed inspired by Mrs. PW whose magical child-raising cures were probably not coincidentally very much like the parenting technique that promotes natural consequences for undesirable behaviors.

"When Bull took the stage, he said a group of students belonging to the original group of offenders began chanting obscenities, which riled up the students.

Bull told students that the dance was canceled in an effort to quell the chants and focus students’ attention.

Minutes later, Bull said students seemed to be in a better frame of mind to listen, at which point, he proceeded with the original message, which detailed that if inappropriate behavior were to continue, the lights would stay on, the chicken dance song would be played for the rest of the night, and/or the dance would be canceled.

After the announcement, some students chose to leave voluntarily, but the majority stayed, according to Bull, and the dance resumed as planned." - Green Bay Press     

Well done Principal Bull, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle would be proud! 
So proud in fact that maybe she would dance a little jig.

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