Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nothing to Grouse About

It was a very Wisconsin Christmas.

Taxidermy, Smokey the Bear memorabilia, Leinenkugel's swag,
and shooting sports equipment were exchanged.
A custom-made Wisconsin-shaped cutting board was presented to a lucky recipient with the explanation
that Door County had briefly seceded, but the state was easily reunified with a bit of glue.
Cheese and beer were consumed (in moderation of course). 
Team trivia at the tavern was handily won by a Christmas Break super-team. 
And wild game was cooked by the hunters and their sous chefs and served on Christmas Day.

 The birds were filleted and inspected to make sure they were buckshot-free. 

The fillets were browned, wrapped in bacon and covered with white wine, broth and shallots.

After baking, the juices became delicious, bacon-rich gravy.

We declared the recipe for Northern Ontario Partridge a winner. 

Leinie's Creamy Dark Carmelized Onions, a white and wild rice mix, 
and petit haricots vert rounded out the menu.

It was the best Christmas wild game dinner ever!

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Georgiann said...

a very fitting Christmas!!