Monday, July 22, 2013

Days of Wine (and Cheese) and Roses

African marathon runners have nothing on gardeners in the stamina department.

A recent garden club field trip had members crossing several county lines in search of 
new greenhouses to explore. But first thing's first. 

Lunch and wine tasting at Munson Bridge Winery fueled the fond-of-foliage friends for plant shopping 
up and down and round about Hwy. 29 East.

Munson Bridge.

Well, you can't have wine without cheese so...the ladies had to stop at the world famous 
Holland's Family Cheese  home of prize-winning Marieke Gouda
They were driving right by for heaven's sake.

Here are the girls that really make the champion gouda possible.

It's all good, 

but may we recommend our favorite, the foenegreek?

Be patient, it's best when aged.

At the end of the day the cars could hold no more plants. 
But somehow, someone managed to wedge in a case of wine. 

Can't wait for the garden club Christmas party!

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