Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Condensed Version

Buttons love books and books love buttons.

That's it really. It's a short story.

This charming, china, morning glory button recently acquired at the National Button Society convention rests on a backdrop of a Reader's Digest Condensed Book cover. They were made for each other.

These covers are from the '70s and '80s.

Because these books are easily found at very cheap prices in thrift stores and at rummage sales they have become an affordable art supply for the creative set.

Just Something I Made has several ideas for crafting with books.

As does The Smith Nest.

Ashbee Design shares some book art inspiration then shows us how to fold some art  
and then fold some more.

Other uses we have seen include, but are not limited to: covers reused as journal covers 
and mini clipboards, hollowed out books as secret treasure boxes, stacks of books as lamp bases, 
folded page photo holders, sewing kit boxes, colorful bookshelf filler, backdrop for photographing buttons, and heck- even as reading material.

The sky's the limit.

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