Thursday, November 7, 2013

Maybe We Shouldn't Go with #5

As if we didn't already have way too many things to consider when choosing a new kitchen paint color...

cabinets, appliances, curtains, adjacent room wallpaper, avoiding hues that induce the gag reflex in diners....

Now there is the possibility that the wrong choice could lead to depression, sorrow, sadness, or violence. 

Wait a minute... we have already experienced all of these emotions in our currently Warm Earth colored kitchen and just thought it had to do with our rate of cooking disasters. 

Guess it was the wall color all along. After the remodel we will give Tripe Surprise another try. 
Surely the family will love it this time! 

Better go with #20 just to be sure.

Vintage color wheel found by Cathe Holden and made available to amateur designers 

1 comment:

wynne said...

I love this color wheel and the vintage descriptors. There's a reason I'm attracted to purple and green, spiritual and peaceful are two qualities I truly appreciate.