Monday, May 19, 2014

Once Upon the Cornish Coast

Day one. Jet lag day. Our alertness level was sufficient to tour two beautiful gardens, try out a bit of coastal path, and maneuver to a pub for dinner. The off and on showers were good for testing out rain gear and for seeing the flowers and greenery in their most brilliant hues. 

We were met by a friendly fox on entering Glendurgan Garden.

Soon we came across a path-diverting, tree with true character, and first sighting of the famous, lovely, ubiquitous bluebells of May.

Silly us. So sad fearing that we would miss the bloom of our beautiful PJM rhody back at home and that the English ones would be past.

Our fears were unfounded and to our supreme delight we saw rhododendrons at peak and in profusion throughout the public and private gardens of Cornwall.

And no wimpy rhodies, these! Stories tall they were!

Leaving Trebah Gardens we found the first leg of the coastal path and gave it a test run.

This is the first of many interesting and sometimes challenging path surfaces. Slippery when wet.

We walked past bluebells, and gorse of course. If you've read Jane Austen you have at least heard of this prickly shrubbery and you may hear more about it in this space in future.

Then through a lush pasture on a public footpath and past the first of our somewhat wary, four-footed walking companions.

Through a dark and mossy woods.

To the official South West Coastal Path and our first glimpse of the sea.

Our trial run somehow looped back to the Red Lion and the first of many day's end pints at the pub.

The lemon sole with veg was fantastic! The Cornish cider wonderful as well.

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Laural said...

Looks like a great first day! I'd do that walk anytime, especially if it ends in pints and games at such a cute pub.