Monday, November 17, 2014

Scenic Mountie

Here he is. The cutest little mountie ever, found at an estate sale, liberated from a doll collection display case and put back into service "defending the law" wherever needed. 

In the foothills. 

In the forests.

And in the mountains.

Of this educational book.

Not that he would ever sleep on the job, but should he ever need to play dead - to fool an adversary for example, his baby blue peepers close when he reclines.


Laural said...

I am getting caught up on my NDL. This guy is pretty funny! A little cute to be taken seriously in his very serious role perhaps, but I'm sure not any less dedicated as a result.

next door Laura said...

Cute yes, but cuteness is his secret weapon. One look from his piercing, blinking, baby blue eyes can subdue even the most hardened, desperate criminal.