Sunday, January 18, 2015

Unity Quilt

This quilt from a pattern appropriately called "Band Together" by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle 
was finished just in time to give as a gift to acknowledge a milestone event.


The event was the college graduation of another young person who had the many people of our amazing village 
banded together to guide him up the many steps that led to the podium. 

Members of the village carried and rocked, collected rocks, employed a pint-size yard boy, taught welding, kept a sense of humor, counseled his mother, and displayed in countless other ways that they loved and supported him as he strove for the independence of adulthood.

Thank you to the village (again). 

Congratulations to the graduate!


Honeybee said...

Complete LOVE, especially to the graduate. What a nice gift.

Jerilynn said...

Just gorgeous!!! So many wishes to the little boy that saved my life and kept me sane!

next door Laura said...

Thank you.

Charlotte said...

So many fun memories of this child! Congratulations to you all!