Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bed of Roses

It was bittersweet to be sure. 

We un-sewed quilt blocks pieced by Grandma Rosie in her later life, then re-cut and reset them to make a little, soft, pastel flannel baby quilt.

Grandma loved pink and she loved her namesake roses. 

She would have liked this little quilt.

It is rather sweet. 

Just big enough for a little one to lay on for tummy time or some good arm-waving and leg-kicking exercise. 

Babies deserve to start off life in a bed of roses. 

And thanks to Grandma Rosie one just might get to.


Shaundra said...

Aw, that's very sweet and a very pretty little quilt.

wynne said...

You better save this one for your first granddaughter. It is precious and would be even sweeter if it was owned by her great grandchild.

next door Laura said...

Had we gotten to this sooner it could have been done 15 years ago. It took some time to figure out what to do with the unfinished projects we rescued. Sorry to have missed the first two little great granddaughters of Rosie. Maybe the Maplea dolls or little O would like to use it and then pass it on to the next grandbaby in the family?

Grandma Rosie would be 88 this week. Wish she was here. Gone way too soon.

She would be so proud and pleased to see the accomplishments of her beautiful grandchildren and hear all about their adventures. Be assured she would have been a big fan of each of you and happily celebrated all your milestone events.