Saturday, April 25, 2015

Don't Forget to Write

 Thought you would want to know that the West Hill Bear was finally suckered into a trap and given an all expense paid trip to a location at least 70 miles away.

We hear that he was finally lured in with some big juicy strawberries that he probably didn't enjoy much once he found himself in the very unhappy situation of being enclosed in a giant tin can. 

The bad news: no more trash can bedtime snacks for you little bear.

The good news: soon it will be wild strawberry season.

Go. Be wild and free with a clean slate, but don't screw up by forgetting the conditions of your probation. Lay off the trashcans, beehives, bird feeders, and hen houses if you want to remain on the outside. 

You can do it. 


Honeybee said...

Yes, he/she got deported just in time! The neighborhood obstacle course is ramping up, and the thought of bear vs backhoe dug pits wasn't pleasant. Let's hope he/she did not imprint on the tasty treats the neighbors offered and thus returns next year.

Jerilynn said...

All the excitement happens after I move out of town!

Shaundra said...

What about the second one? I thought there were 2 bears...?