Friday, May 15, 2015

Salt of the Earth

A year ago, almost to the day, while waiting for a taxi at the train station in the little town of Bardon Mill, UK 
we crossed the road to check out Earrington Reay & Co. Ltd.

The only salt glazed pottery in England.

The stacks of pots led us closer to the giant kiln.

Where we were invited in to the shed to see the pots awaiting firing.

The company started as a manufacturer of sewer pipe.

Some of the most popular flower pots resemble those pipes.

Another specialty are the strawberry pots.

You can read more about the history of Earrington Reay.

Make sure you read stories 2 through 6 for some amazing pottery-related adventure tales.

Here are Craig, Sean, and Karl. It was Sean who invited us in to see the pottery works and have a peek into the kiln.

He told us that if we showed his photo to anyone to be sure to say that he was Sean.

Judging by the twinkles in their eyes, it seems highly likely that these guys are descendants of Big John and his prankster pals.

Have you seen Earington Reay in our yard? No? And you are not likely to. 

Our faithful travel companion has incredible tolerance for carting home souvenirs, but there are limits. He has never uttered the words "over my dead body", but perhaps as in the case of  Miss Hinemarch that is how it will have to be if we are to have a garden decorated with salt-glazed pottery.


Honeybee said...

Go for it!! Trowelsworthy should have his digging muscles all ready to haul a medium sized pot.

Blue said...

Red Wing Pottery started with sewer pipe as well.