Sunday, February 7, 2016

Available for Immediate Occupancy

Prime Location: Tasteful, no bedroom, no bath, unfurnished, newly landscaped clay pot with high ceilings, natural lighting and great view located in quiet neighborhood just steps away from downtown. Utilities not included or needed.* 

To get a garden fix on a winter day we took a little class at Down to Earth Garden Center and 
came home with a lovely little green oasis for a partly sunny indoor location

Many gardens like this one are inhabited by fairies, but most modern day fairies are not content to live in a hollow log or under a toadstool anymore and require stufflots of stuff. We suspect many of them will soon be in need of fairy storage units for all the diminutive merchandise they are acquiring for the new standard of living in the realm of pixies, sprites, and elves. 

We wanted to see who might show up to live in our garden as is, without need of a house or gazebo, arbor or patio set, or even an Adirondack chair.

First to apply for the vacant habitat was this guy, but being a bit of a swinger he decided this neighborhood was likely not "happening" enough for him and shuffled off, knuckles dragging.

Then these two showed up, but they were really hoping for something swampier. When they left they said they were going to check out a place on Tainter Lake.

It was love at first sight for this couple.They moved in immediately and were thrilled to be first occupants of  what they proclaimed would be "their own little Eden" .

Perhaps things will evolve and some companions will come along if no meteor hit (in the form of a lapse in watering) occurs.

Based on past experiences this landlord could make no guarantees of successful long term upkeep so the lease is month to month. We did however, waive the damage deposit. We have much confidence in these tenants being quiet and responsible. If they were on the second floor it would be an entirely different story.

* Tips on the art of writing rental ads here. Interesting and apparently effective.


Blue said...

Really fun.

Charlotte said...

Alex would be delighted with your dino garden!