Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just One in One Thousand

Somehow we just happened to notice that this post would be the 1,000th for NDL.

We deliberated about whether that called for something significant to mark the milestone. 

And then we thought, "nah", let's just carry on as we would have. 

So here is what was next in the queue of drafts. It is a photo taken last spring of a jumble sale sign from the UK village of Temple Guiting.

Make that an Extraordinary Jumble Sale sign!

Back in the  80's we read several books by Barbara Pym*. 

Mostly what we remember about them is that the characters were perpetually preparing for church jumble sales while having tea and talking with or about the vicar.

So imagine our delight to spot the jumble sale sign outside this lovely church yard,

across from a sunny tea room,

in a charming English village

on a beautiful day in the middle of a long ramble through the countryside.

The only thing missing really was a vicar sighting.

Sometimes we feel apologetic about the number of times we have traveled to the same country when there are so many other places under the sun that we have not seen. Days like this, however are why we return again and again. Every visit holds in store a new delight.

*Very coincidentally Wikipedia tells us that Barbara Pym died on this very date in 1980. It also tells us that " A superficial reading gives the impression that they are sketches of village or suburban life, and comedies of manners, studying the social activities connected with the Anglican church. Her works are deeper than that, however. She closely examines many aspects of women's and men's relations, including unrequited feelings of women for men, based on her own experience. The dialogue is often deeply ironic. A tragic undercurrent runs through some of the later novels." 

Looks like we will be putting Barbara Pym back on our book list to see what 35 additional years of life experience brings to a rereading.


wynne said...

Congratulations on 1000 blog posts NDL. Your thoughtful observations and photos make me smile, show me places I'll never go, and capture the quirky humor, and natural beauty of life. I love the term "Jumble sale". Way more fun than" thrift or garage" sale. I think you and Chris should rename your periodic clean outs to "Jumble". We could make a cool sign for the street corners that would bring lots of curious shoppers. Perhaps a summer studio design challenge. 😊

next door Laura said...

Thank you very much. If have entertained, enlightened, amused, bemused, or befuddled even one person a day we have done our job. 1,000 smiles is a respectable feat.And...

I like how you think. Jumble sales it is from now on. No more of that tedious sorting and pricing. Check out our jumble of treasures and make us an offer. We've never gotten rich, but Chris' sales are practically the social event of the season, and how we catch up on all the best neighborhood news.

Blue said...

NDL is a part of my day. Usually. So appreciate the insightful information. On the thought of returning to the same Country. That makes sense to me...the food and the charm continue to delight.
On another thought: I have lime green spray paint on my new this year leather winter boots from Mason/backroom. Any suggestions?