Sunday, June 18, 2017

To Dream the Possible Dream

Little girls can grow up to work for NASA. They cannot grow up to be mermaids.

C'mon Target! Get with it!

We copied another civilly disobedient shopper and moved a few NASA logo-ed items from the boys to the girls clothing section in hopes of being not provocative, but just a bit thought provoking. They are surely already put back where they came from and will not cause a stir, but one woman's similar action certainly did.

Perhaps Target and other retailers will now be getting a clue.

Go girls! 

And while we are at it, how about some changes in the boys section too? 


Honeybee said...

Thank you, NDL ! You are now quoted - anonymously - on Facebook. Good work.

next door Laura said...

You can link to or credit NDL if you like.

Blue said...

Thanks NDL. Very well said and promoted. A mission for sure!!

next door Laura said...

Thank you, Honeybee!