Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bee Busyness

There is a sweet new enterprise in the neighborhood.

West Hill Honey is creating quite a buzz over the picket fence. Neighbors watch with fascination the bee and human activity around the hive and are clamoring for the the beautiful, tasty, and cleverly packaged products made by local bees who are intimately acquainted with our gardens.

Satisfied customers say:

"You haven't had honey until you've experienced West Hill Honey. I am sure I can taste my prize verbena in there."

"West Hill Honey is as sweet as those little children who love riding their bikes through my garden. The little dears."
- Mr. C.R.B. Appleton

"Nothing else will do for my morning coffee klatch with the girls. West Hill Honey is simply lovely with toast, coffee, and a good old chinwag." - Mrs. B.Z. Body

Order soon. It's going fast.


Honeybee said...

Honeybee takes no credit for the endearing enterprise, though needs to buy her supply soon. Who can resist a lemonade stand, or, now, honey being sold from a Red Flyer wagon?! Not Honeybee!!

Diamondsmom said...

Note from a West Hill neighbor - this morning, I found a full bottle of the "premium dark" West Hill honey on the boulevard after walking my dog. Thinking someone may have dropped it after purchasing at the Squeeze This concert. If you did, contact Diamond's mom - otherwise, it''s finders keepers!