Monday, September 19, 2011

Royal Garden Fare Thee Well

This is the last stop on our tour of England and its Gardens. The Royal Horticultural Society gardens at Wisley are the perfect grand finale for our cavalcade of 13 of England's finest garden sites.

First a word about the RHS.

It was a rainy day just like many of our days in England.

The trade off for the inconvenience of juggling jackets and umbrellas, and and walking for miles and miles in squishy shoes is the brilliant color of the plants and flowers that are far more intense on a wet and overcast day than in the harsh light of the bright sun.

The mixed borders were beautiful and seemed to go on forever.

Alstromeria outside the captivity of a florist shop. It actually grows in gardens!

The Alpine Display House.

Bowes-Lyon Rose Garden.

The Bonsai Garden.

The Vegetable Garden.

The Glass House and surrounding landscape designed by Tom Stuart-Smith.

Inside the Glass House.

The Fruit Nursery and one of the works on the Surrey Sculpture Society Trail.

The Trials Field.

The last, long, lovely stroll to the coach for our return to London and farewell dinner before an early morning departure from the land of glorious gardens.

If you haven't had enough images of England and its Gardens here are 13 gardens in 13 days in six and half minutes with music. Enjoy.


Laural said...

Beautiful! I've enjoyed the tour of all the gardens. Just like being there (almost...)

Georgiann said...

This has been the BEST garden tour EVER - both then and now!!! Brilliant!!