Wednesday, January 4, 2012


As the new year enters and we enjoy the last of the twelve days of Christmas,

We savor warm memories of the season, then look ahead.

We return to our routines,

And try to remember where we left off before all the happy hullabaloo began.

We reacquaint with those who will share our cabin fever,

And make daring resolutions.

Then we snap out of it, shake our heads, and remind ourselves there is a difference between realistic goals and pure fantasy.

Relax. Keep it real. Go ahead and finish off that last Frango while you power up the old treadmill.

Images by: Photofunia and NDL.


Tacitus2 said...

[Fetcher and Nick are stealing tools, and are hiding in gnomes as they move about, while Mr. Tweedy is working and steal the tools and start walking away and Mr. Tweedy notices]
Mr. Tweedy: So, gnomes now, is it?


Blue said...

Has someone taken over your blog?

next door Laura said...

Seems so.