Friday, January 13, 2012

She Stoops to Conquer

It is our altruistic nature that allows us to risk tarnishing our reputation to make a point. It seems incongruous that someone who has traveled to France twice in thirteen months to learn about fine cuisine would stoop to using packaged foods but, well, it happens. When it does, if our cheaters are not near at hand while we are mixing up a batch of Betty's finest cornmeal muffins - look out diners. Type size on packaging has become so microscopic that every package should come with its own magnifying glass. At least, that is, if producers are hoping to tap the buying power of our vast anaconda-digesting-a-pig population bump of baby boomers. We are the ones who were raised on this stuff right? Jello, cake mixes, and their yuppie cousins risotto mix and tiramisu-in-a-box.

Attention: If you want us to buy it we have to be able to see it.

Suggestion: Ditch all that unpleasant nutritional value information or make that font as small as you like. If a person is buying a convenience food product they really don't want to read about it. Believe us. We get the gist of what it says, and we hate to be glib, but the potluck is in half an hour and at this point we don't have time to care too awfully much.

Kudos to: Oxo for the genius measuring cup pictured above. If we can read the amount called for on the package it is a cinch to find it on this clever utensil.

Bon appetit!


Honeybee said...

My rant-of-the-day: how recycling symbols should also be made larger. Does it really take more plastic to mold in a larger symbol OR make its location easier to find? I think not! Norma Rae - I mean NDL - you're on to something!

Tacitus2 said...

Darn. I was hoping the comments box had a feature allowing me to adjust font size. Not sure if I was going to go with teeny 4 point or ginormous 20 point....


next door Laura said...

Thanks for the solidarity HB.

TW, think you're a wise guy, eh?

J.K. Dane said...

And no shame in boxed bread, NDL. Big A. swears Stove Top Stuffing is better than anything I or his step mom can come up with.

next door Laura said...

Thanks J.K.D. for the absolution. I appreciate it. Funny, but stuffing is one thing I always make from scratch and get good reviews on. Perhaps Big D. would like to participate in a stuffing-off? Can the new vegan eat that?