Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Behind Every Great Man

Is a proud mom willing to do most anything for him. No, no, we're not talking about Jon Hamm. Although we're sure his mother is very proud.

Behind him? A model who needs you to buy the March issue of Esquire so that she can earn enough money to buy clothes that cover her whole body.

But the real reason to buy the current issue is to see the picture chosen for publication from a photo shoot held right next door to NDL HQ, by NDL, of the Queen of Cream of Mushroom Soup herself - Honeybee.

Her son, yet another neighborhood kid made good, is photo director for the illustrious Esquire magazine. When he called to request a photo of dear old mom for an article on Moms and pantry cooking we were all over it like Shake'n Bake on a drumstick and had a darn good time trying to get a shot that would capture the true essence of our favorite convenience food gourmand.

There are several great articles you will want to read...

...but page 139 131 is the main attraction as far as we're concerned. Bring your copy on over and you might just score an autograph and some free cooking tips. For example: the best brand of can opener to use to avoid repetitive stress injuries.

Yum yum.

Did You Know?


Honeybee's favorite secret seasoning to enhance a canned soup sauce is Mrs. Dash.

The secret to making her sloppy Joes mouthwatering and her wedded life spicy? Manwich.


The photo crew did not notice until the shoot was over that Honeybee was holding the supposedly hot skillet barehanded by the base rather than the handle.


"Not bad for cold Ragu."

"A sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwich is a meal."


wynne said...

Now this is "news we can use"! I'm waiting for my mail to be delivered and to see Chris on the pages do Esquire is so fun! Congratulations to NDL for helping to make it happen!

Little Lulu said...

Love it. Sent a link to my family members far and wide. Now, the HT? ECLeader? Bon Iver and Kyle Frenette...why not our Chris and son?

Honeybee said...

Correction, fans. It's page 131, not 139. I sure don't want you to miss my reverse pan-handling photo! (Darn pan was too heavy to hold in the air the correct way.) Who needs a big time photo session when I have the likes of NDL, or her photo entourage (Sam - if she was available), ready at a moment's notice. I "styled" my own outfit - kinda Christmas looking, don't you think, though that was not the intent - with the green jacket and red sauce. NDL is correct in her observation of Mrs. Dash, but don't know how she was able to discern my secret love of Manwich (certainly a more alluring go-to than SPAM). That's all I have to add to this silliness. P.S. Autograph session promised when we convene for our first side yard cocktail party of the coming spring season.

Mary B. said...


Honeybee said...

BAM bookstore (Books A Million), in the former Borders spot, has it on its shelf. Not sure if the publication rack at neighboring food stores have it. Look, look, look, and then know that the young man employed by Esquire thanks you if you buy a copy (or two).