Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Love

We interupt our Valentine love fest to show a little love to hometown boys made good, Megafaun.

"Hope You Know" from the LP "Megafaun" is the lovely background for this Toyota Camry commercial that we are expecting to see during the Superbowl.

We thought only Hallmark commercials could make us tear-up. But between the touching images and beautiful melody in the advertisement, and the memories of these musically talented, former little rascals weaving in and out of neighborhood life, well, we got a bit misty.

Well done boys.

P.S. We wonder if another local connection might be found with the cork covered car. Could it belong to this woman?


Jerilynn said...

Yep, pretty darn amazing...those crazy neighborhood days seem so long ago, but yet only yesterday, blink. So happy for those boys, and their proud folks!

wynne said...

Thank you for finding amd posting this Laura!. Weare very excited for their song to be heard by lots more folks thanks to Toyota's "connections" ad. Sweet!