Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Formerly smokers' hill

No, you won't find it on Mapquest, but it seems one of our local landmarks has become an officially capitalized place. The fish-wrapper, perhaps only repeating usage from the police dispatch, has seen fit to legitimize the butt-strewn grassy knoll just across the street from the high school by using it as an official crime scene address.

Our initial intent was to mock this silly formalization of the well-known moniker for a notorius locale, and it is kind of funny, but noting that the activity of the restless youths has deviated from de rigueur rebellious underage tobacco use to incidents of a more disturbing nature, perhaps a tone of gravity is somewhat more appropriate. Is it possible we are endorsing bad behavior by acknowledging that there is a dedicated place for it?

Hmmm... we wonder what other infamous locations might get the official nod.

Will we soon be able to reserve by name, the park picnic shelter in the wooded area known as Bong Hollow?


Honeybee said...

Since it doesn't take long to read the WHOLE fish wrapper, let alone the fine print, I'm amazed that I missed this one. I can give you some of The Honest Man's colorful names for other parts of town, when crimes were of the more (then) "normal" nature.

Little Lulu said...

Good observation...both in terms of newspaper perusal and the ensuing commentary.

jtoycen said...

Man, I spent my share of time on the hill on the northwest part of the West Hill that was still an unfinished development. I think we called it Cheapskate Hill or Lookout Hill but I can't remember which. Ah, youthful indiscretion.

Of course, in true small town naming convention, Smokers Hill wasn't even a hill, just a slight incline away from the street.

Joanna K. Dane said...

Bong Hollow?! Why didn't I know about that?

next door Laura said...

Well, we just scored an invite for Friday night fish fry from HB. Am hoping to ply our go-to CF native, the HM, with beer and tartar sauce and get him to spill the beans on all the other local place names inquiring NDL minds want to know about.

JT, so that's where you were when the lawn needed mowing.

JKD, you would know about bong hollow if you had been a teen(like JT), or had raised one in CF.
We had so much neighborlady knowledge to pass along. Alas grasshopper, you left us all too soon.