Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It Happens Every Spring

Another season, another lovely as can be Bachman's Idea House.

Livingroom and sunroom.

Fresh flowers everywhere.

Architectural antiques.

Information at your fingertips.

Re-purposed hamburger bun baking trays as magnetic message board.

Clever faux faucet planter.

Birch branches and photos on canvas up the stairway walls.

Garden gate as headboard for a sweet girl's room.

Painted canvas headboard for the master bedroom.

Message boards perfect for our favorite three-part, above-the-toilet instruction seen long ago in a home with many boys: "We aim to please, you aim too please, the next guy might be barefoot.

Pretty bottles in the bathroom windows. So glad they steered away from yellow-toned water colors.

The view from inside out.

And outside in.

Fake, but fetching.

Real, cool-weather-loving pansies.

Real and unreal together for a stunning effect not possible in March with all natural material.

And the best idea of all...a short rest stop at the garden center pond for one tired migrating mallard.

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Georgiann said...

AMAZING!! so many beautiful ideas!!