Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ladybug Trails

If we followed them for a day surely we would see that they walk in cute patterns like this to get hither and hon to conduct their important ladybug business.

Machine quilting by the talented J. Bauer. No, not Jack or his wife either. Although we do wonder how Jack is spending his 24 hours-a-day now that he is no longer defying death and terrorists without ever seeming to need to eat, sleep, pee or charge his cell phone.


Jerilynn said...

I majored in ladybugs in college, and that is, indeed, the design path they most often take. Only stopping now and then to eat their sisters or brothers. True. Look it up. Nasty little ladies!

wynne said...

This is so cute Laura. Do you still have a baby quilt for sale? I'd love to get one from you for the crib at the lake.