Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Tin Type

Just as  Kryptonite brings superman to his knees, tin is the one element  that grips us in its power and does not let us leave a thrift sale without it.

Yes, pretty flowered tins, usually from English companies that specialized in sweets, have a hold of our affection and our coin purse.

This pretty one is made in Holland.

 It is uncanny how tin is pulled into our clutches as if  by a supernatural force. Don't even try to pry our fingers off of  the object of desire once it is in our grasp. You will fail mortal human.

Now that you know our vulnerability please don't abuse it, and we'd appreciate if you wouldn't mention our little secret to Lex Luther either.

1 comment:

Georgiann said...

WOW me too!! AND I have this very same tin!!