Friday, August 24, 2012


Try a recipe from this sweet little cookery book.

Found at a flea market, published in Budapest in 1964, and illustrated in the most whimsical way, this charming book is chockablock with amazing recipes.

We will pass on the Jellied Carp, Pickled Scraps of Sucking Pig, Pancakes with either Crayfish or Calves' Brains, but the Transylvanian Layered Cabbage and Stuffed Pullet sound tasty.

No. 46. Exquisite Goulash seems like the best bet for less adventurous eaters who would like 
a taste of classic Hungarian cuisine. Oh no, we sent the cookery book on to a friend without copying the recipes for recipe No.1. Csipetke! Now what will we serve with the Gulyás?

Thank goodness for the internet. Here is a recipe for Csiptke, aka pinched noodles.

And if you celebrate Farsang you will need a recipe for Carnival Donuts
We hear it is impossible to have a carnival without them.

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