Sunday, December 9, 2012

That's More Like It

We went seeking relief from our bleak, brown very un-winter-like landscape and found, not a white Christmas scene, but a dazzling poinsettia-hued one at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory

This year's holiday flower show features poinsettia cultivars Sparkling Punch, Tikal Red, Monet Early, and Premiere Red set among waves of Coral Sunrise Coleus with beautiful, fragrant green rosemary plants tucked between.

   Not only did we enjoy a warm and colorful interlude on a chill winter weekend, but we overcame our PTS from having our car broken into 18 years ago at the very same site (hadn't returned since), traveled there and back on dry roads, and arrived safely home hours before our first nice, white snowfall arrived.



Jerilynn said...

Beautiful! Thank you!

Blue said...

Charming. Dellightful. Glad you have broken the spell.