Friday, December 14, 2012

The Art of Waiting - 11 More Days

When recently accused of collecting pretty much everything a person can collect,
it was difficult to mount a defense against the charge.

May we present "Do Not Open 'til Christmas" package labels?


Honeybee said...

As president of your support group, I ask, "What's their point?".

next door Laura said...

Good question Madame President. We haven't the foggiest. They certainly don't mind helping themselves to the treasure trove when they need something. Mock away we say, but if we ever do take the ridicule to heart and change our ways don't come crying to us when there is not an emergency sombrero, Elmo-shaped cookie cutter, replacement trouser button, spare snow shovel, or ice cream bucket to be found!

Our support group motto - "Don't buy one until you ask us". Or - "Have stuff - will share".

Honeybee said...

And in case any of you NDL blog readers were looking for a cookie cutter in the shape of Texas, come to the next support group meeting and see if you can score said door prize! (Out of the club President's stash, I might add.)