Sunday, June 9, 2013

Back to Belgium

Thirty years ago we made several stops  in Belgium as part of a month-long wedding trip.

For thirty years we fondly remembered many aspects of our wanderings on the continent. 
We even dreamed of the frites (French fries) with mayonnaise purchased from street vendors in Bruges. 
So back we went to Belgium with a rental car rather than a Eurail pass, and a budget somewhat bigger than the backpacking Europe-on-$10-a-day version we did the first time.

Frites are still for sale and still decadently greasy although not quite as magically delicious as the first time.


For our first stop we stayed at Huis van Loon, in Borgloon and ate at a lovely little restaurant across the street that had wonderful food and drink and congenial young owners. 
In Belgium it is imperative that your lodging and eatery be very close together. Walking distance in fact as it is not uncommon for the Belgians' world-renown brews to have over 10% alcohol content.

The next day it was a short drive to the 400 vendor antique market in Tongerin, Belgium.

We snared a few packable items and had a lot of fun browsing for hours and hours. 

At our next stop we stayed at an idyllic place that we would happily return to 
and even take up residence if we could.

La Bergerie, in Falaen, Belgium.

A picturesque walk through the village took us to the wonderful, La Fermette for an amazing dinner. The owners couldn't have been more kind in trying to understand our wishes through a combination of our rudimentary French language skills and a little bit of pantomime. 
The starlit walk back to the B and B was a nice ending to the evening. 

So if ever we go missing, look for us here and bring your jammies. You won't want to leave either.


wynne said...

What a wonderful anniversary adventure you had together. Especially fun that you had this celebration as your son is preparing to marry the love of his life. More love celebrations ahead!

Shaundra said...

Beautiful! What's with the dividers down the middles of the beds? Body pillows or bumper pads? And is that a basket of walking canes?

next door Laura said...

Individual down comforters form a ridge where they overlap. Te concept is genius. No tugging the sole cover from person to person.

next door Laura said...

Yes, those are walking canes for loan. A lovely vignette in the entry hall.