Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let's Make a Deal

This little quilt, made from pieces bought at someone's stash busting thrift sale, needs a binding. 

If you recognize these fabrics and can come up with a spare 1/3 yard of any of them, 
have we got a deal for you!

Let's see...a gnome statuette? 1/2 pound of our favorite coffee? A batch of cookies? 
Some pesto? A blog post dedicated to you? Name your price!

Let us know how the hunt goes, and please tell someone your whereabouts before you dive into your fabric closet for a look around. We once heard of a women who went into her stash for a scrap of gingham and was never heard from again.


wynne said...

I love this Laura. Did you get any of the needed scraps? You can find something new too. Great eye for sewing amd thriftiness together!

Kristi Sazama said...

Laura: I recognize your fabrics; perhaps you recognized my lap quilt made of this collection as well? Have you found any of the needed scraps? I checked my stash, but they've all been made into tiny table toppers to give as gifts.

next door Laura said...

Thanks for trying Kristi. I found a good substitute to use for the backing finally and finished up the little quilt. Actually it was an odd seersucker gingham remnant from XMI that saved the day.