Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spooky Spirits

Target knows grownups like treats too.

Not too far from the candy corn, snack-sized Snickers bars, and dreaded Bit-O-Honey, is a carefully selected grouping of Halloween-themed wines. Mostly blood red of course.

That 5:00-7:00 trick-or-treating time can get awfully long without a little sustenance so stock up. 
Grab some cheese and crackers too. 

 Oh, and don't forget the candy. Although it's been done...raiding the pantry for cans of corn and the like is not all that popular with the kids.


Jerilynn said...

How fun! I love living Up North, but I miss going to Target and "looking at everything".

Honeybee said...

Is Tar-zjay on to you yet?? Lurking with camera, taking photos of their whimsical array (what, not interested in the boring Hanes underwear display?!), spotting the cool new designer stuff before the rest of us are even out of bed, spending only on cool Dollar Spot stuff, etc. You are either my heroine OR a nasty reminder that my many talents are lacking some panache. P.S. I'm also royally ticked off that you have been to a Target in Canada. That's on my bucket list, though I doubt that The Honest Man will give in to a trip solely tailored around checking that one off.

Honeybee said...

P.S. Don't take offense to any of this. It's the wine (with dinner) talking. And if you find my comments humorous, remember, it's the wine (with dinner) talking :>)