Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Sure-Fire Outdoor Recreation Incentive Plan

Forest Lodge Nature Trail.  A great place for a fall color hike.

The trail, with interpretive guidebook, is great for kids and adults. 
It passes through a diverse set of ecosystems including a hemlock grove, a bog, and a swamp, as well as pine, tamarack, maple, birch and aspen stands.

And hey! When the hike is done it is just a bit more distance down the road to the classic lodge and bar at Garmisch USA resort

Due to having walked the longer outer loop of the nature trail we felt very deserving of the Garmisch famous Bloody Mary and their amazing Swiss mushroom burger.

Yes, you can believe your eyes, you are seeing a pickle, olive, celery stick, pickled green bean, asparagus and Brussels sprout, lemon and lime slices, cheese cube and....a beef stick! with beer chaser on the side.
A meal in a glass and an impressive feat of beverage engineering.

That's how we do things in the Northwoods.

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Blue said...

OHHH. Perfect. Hike in Fall AND BloodyMary!