Monday, January 13, 2014

Keeping Up Appearances - Fabric for a Fraying Lifestyle

The upper crust (or is that crusty) soap opera craze continues and makes its mannerly way into the sewing room.

Free patterns are provided for quilts to snuggle under while watching or dreaming of the grand, 
if more than a little bit snarky, life on the opulent (for now) Downton estate.

Lady Violet's staid, with a bit of sass palette.

Sweet Sybil's lively range.

Lady Mary's cool colors.

A lovely, auburn-tinted mood board for Lady Edith that includes both pearls, 
and a detail inappropriately beneath her station (or rather her caboose), 
common, bone underwear buttons.

Apparently we are left to find the below-stairs fashion fabrics on our own. 
Well, okay, it shouldn't be that hard to find black and white solids.

Look for these fine fabrics at your local shop or view them online at  Hawthorne Threads.


wynne said...

I'm with Edith's colors all the way!

Laural said...

Interestingly, Sybil was always my favorite character, and her fabrics are my favorite too. I guess they really have the type down.