Monday, January 27, 2014

Apropos of Nothing

The Pickle Sisters.

Looks we have sweet and sour on the same plate. 
Hmm...perhaps not an adolescent girl's idea of a good time?

And with this amazing photo a new NDL blog post label is born.


Tacitus2 said...

The diplomatic mission to the planet known locally as "Earth" had failed. The life form identified by robot probe as the Ruling Caste had in fact turned out to be an unintelligent creature called "Alligator" living a dreary life in a road side attraction outside Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The Kythaxxian Mission had nothing to do but await the next favorable launch window to return in disgrace.

Morale was low. Sub-Herpon Sss'tX in particular was despondent, her scales dull and dry.

In an attempt to improve spirits Over-Herpon Lll'rX proposed an outing. Economic times were difficult with something called "The Great Depression" concerning the barely intelligent PinkApes.

The sights of the Boardwalk were indeed diverting, although the locals did cast many quizzical looks towards the Kythaxxians. It was unfortunate that their ship's replicators could only create surface masks for their faces and extremities.

At least the commemorative photo was decent. And so well timed. The forked tongue of Sub-Herpon Sss'tx having just flicked back with a tasty local insect just prior to the flashbulb going off.


wynne said...

Wow. I wish I knew if these outfits were green.