Saturday, February 1, 2014

Double Monkey Wrench

Known to many as a Churn Dash block, we are choosing to call it by one of its many alternate names. Churn dash doesn't mean much to anybody anymore. Monkey wrench probably doesn't either. But anytime one has the option of choosing a monkey related anything why wouldn't they?

The patterned fabric is American Jane by Sandy Klop for Moda. In its several incarnations it has been called, or been part of lines called - Peas and Carrots, Magic Beans, Potluck, and in a mono color version, Pezzy Prints.

Please don't look too closely for imperfect corners. There are plenty and many more to come when the blocks are fit together. 

This is a reverse Double Monkey Wrench. 
We will throw in a few of these negative space blocks just to see who's paying attention.

There have been many challenges to quilting lately, but spring is a long way off....


Honeybee said...

Hmmmm, Double Monkey Wrench.... I do believe the last trousseau/wedding quilt you made was a fish/water/plant theme for the fish guy. Does this one have any, well, hoped for significance?

Honeybee said...

P.S. Jelly Bellies!

next door Laura said...

We get your drift, but no. Based on our experience it is a poor idea to give any kind of gift that is 50% white to someone who actually works with monkey wrenches.

If this blog ever features a grease-colored quilt in may then jump to a logical conclusion about our intentions (or those of someone else).