Friday, March 14, 2014

Happier Hour

It's a Wisconsin thing. The Old Fashioned

We are happy to announce that the quintessential cocktail  has now been bottled for your convenience.  This is really good news for those of us who keep a pathetically under-stocked liquor cabinet. 

We came late to the Wisconsin supper club scene, but quickly learned that if you want to blend in you better be ordering beer or an Old Fashioned on fish fry or prime rib special night. And if  you go with the OF it would be well to decide before you are asked whether you want it sweet or sour.

We suspect that many OF aficionados in our age group learned how to expertly make one back in the 60's or 70's when it was still okay for a kid to bartend the parents' cocktail party. Or they just picked it up from hanging out in bars, which is still okay for minors in Wisconsin, and observing the ritual of creating the OF.

We have always let the professionals mix our drinks and now they have made it even easier for us. 

Pick up a six pack and a jar of maraschino cherries and just like that it's a party with Arty's.


Honeybee said...

FYI, I'm not saving my stash for Friday night side yard get-togethers since with this weather (and the remaining winter snow depth) they may never happen. Then again, my pessimism may just be an excuse to try Arty's and like the concoction. P.S. And darn, didn't even think about bringing along a couple of the bottles on the anniversary celebration overnight.

next door Laura said...

Happy anniversary!

And, go for it! Mine are long gone. They qualify as "clear liquids", right?

We know where to get more when or if the picnic table ever resurfaces.

Shaundra said...

I'm not sure how I feel about old fashioneds but I love the idea of a high ball in a bottle!