Sunday, March 30, 2014

Today's the Day!

"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."  

Predicted temp of 54F. Partly sunny. 0% chance of snow.

We hereby proclaim this the first spring day.

We will get out in it and look for signs of the season while we try to build stamina for upcoming long walks on the Cornish Coast. 

It has been a long, weird, winter. Many distractions resulted in lack of focus.  
There was alot of almost literal naval gazing. 

But really, absolutely nothing to complain about. Our pipes didn't freeze, the slippery sidewalks didn't take us down, our cars faithfully served us with a minimum of deserved crankiness, cabin fever did not reach levels that led to calling the cops, an attorney, or even Dr. Phil.

We came out of the deep freeze with a new roof, a rehabbed kitchen and bath, and tuned up innards. 
Trips are planned. Kids are doing well. Elders are hanging in there. 

And around the neighborhood....houses are selling, which means old neighbors can move on to the next exciting thing and new neighbors are arriving to start the adventure that is home-ownership.

Soon,  we expect to see new babies who have been quickly shuffled through the frigid temps from house to car finally available for some leisurely goo-gooing in the great out of doors. The neighborhood toddlers have surely been learning some new words and tricks since we saw them last fall. We hope to see some of them out splashing in the big puddles in the alley today. One of the truest signs of spring!

So, today is the day! The birds are announcing it loudly enough to hear through closed, 
and still storm-windowed windows.

Here we go!


Tacitus2 said...



Jerilynn said...

Delightful post! Have a wonderful trip and see you in June!

wynne said...

It truly was a perfectly wonderful spring day! These are bittersweet days for me, leaving a neighborhood and dear friends I have loved for 35 years. But we will stay connected, we just have to plan more intentionally, and we will. I'm glad I'll be able to follow you through one of my favorite blogs., NDL! 45

Blue said...

Oh so well said.

Shaundra said...

Yay, congratulations! It's a strange time of year for us - spring in town but we voluntarily leave it every weekend to go to full on winter at the ski hill. Easier on rainy days than sunny ones.

Laural said...

Nice post! We are emerging as well, testing out all the swingsets in the neighbourhood. Manage to meet some new kids and parents at each one, as everyone is emerging from hibernation too.