Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hungry Bird

Beautiful, and useful for making even a non-artist feel talented.

 A young designer created a game for the iPad based on the iconic William Morris pattern called 

Morris based his work on what he saw happening outside his window as thrushes raided his kitchen garden berry patch.

As the bird soars across the screen following your finger and eating the berries in its path the pattern appears as a pencil sketch.

Next the design is washed with color as the bird flies over it.

And finally the berries appear more quickly, but harder to find in the fully-colored,
 smaller scale image.

There is no score. No prize. 

It is however lovely and meditative.

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra provides the perfect soundtrack for a precocious bird going about the business of doing what birds do in and around the garden.

Get a little taste of the Strawberry Thief here at vimeo.

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