Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Two Favs in One

Dishes and buttons. 

A very fun find.

And a small victory.

We left the store with a single plate rather than an entire service for eight.

Therapy is obviously paying off.


Honeybee said...

I hope you realize that somewhere....someone (not me) is cursing you because they only have a beautiful service of SEVEN. (Oops, that probably sent NDL to a different therapy group. Coffee's on, NDL!)

Charlotte said...

Naaaaaa. You'll wish you had those later! Very cute. Cherry pie would look great on those.

Jerilynn said...

Very cute, but .... One? I know, I'm not helping!

next door Laura said...


Hello, My name is NDL and I am a dishaholic.

Back to step one.

Honeybee said...

Charlotte, you are spot on! Especially the cherry pie part :>)

wynne said...

Maybe we all need one in your honor, though I love dishes and buttons too. Then when you have us over for pie, we can bring our plates.... :)!