Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Roamin' Foodie

Start with your morning coffee.

Drink it standing up as the locals do.

It really wouldn't be worth your while to find a place to sit down to enjoy your approximately 1/2 ounce frothy jolt.

So when in as Kissinger did and do as the Romans do.

It costs more if you sit at an outdoor table and expect service anyway.

Take some chocolate covered espresso beans to keep you going as you proceed on the Roman Foodie Fresh Market Lunch Tour. 

Next stop, the meat market for a generous sampling of delicious meats and wine. 
Only 10:30 in the morning? No problem. 

The meat artist.

On to Campo dei Fiori market. Colorful! And the truffle sampling divine.

Sadly, the price and anticipated customs and immigration hassle were prohibitive.

On to the bakery.

Pizza by the pound. Kilo rather. The red one, sauce only, is often taken as a mid-morning snack.

 Not necessary today as our tasting marathon continued, but perhaps normally a welcome treat as Italian breakfast usually consists of only coffee and cornetti. 
But of course we had some anyway. 

That brought us to true lunch. 

Antipasti course of lentils, mozzarella, fennel salad, and bread.

Followed by pasta in two classic styles. The yellow one is carbonara.

We got to meet the nonna who did the cooking. 

And then....

it was gelato time!

Strawberry and Celery Basil. 

The perfect ending to a perfect roamin' Roman food extravaganza.


Jerilynn said...

So fun! I love these travel updates!!! And more Laura pictures!!! Xox

Shaundra said...

Making me hungry and I just ate dinner! Interesting Gelato flavours/combo.