Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We Need A Hero

Our nomination - an unidentified woman in Montana used what she had at hand, a 14 inch zucchini, to keep a bear from pushing its way into her kitchen. (The following scene is a recreation, not an actual photo of the incident.)

Yes, it happened last week while we were selfishly going on and on about a ho-hum trip-of-a-lifetime to Paris when we should have been keeping you all informed of the latest developments in really good uses for overgrown squash. A thousand pardons. Read all the fascinating details and see a photo of the actual lifesaving zucchini here.


Honeybee said...

In the spirit of today's entry, I feel it's my duty to alert that gnome about the giant squash which is about to roll over him and flatten him!

Mary B. said...

better get on that. thanks to the Honeybee for the lifesaving information.

I actually had heard about the zucchini event. Fun/funny story.

Georgiann said...

Welcome back! Your faithful followers missed you yesterday!

Laural said...

Too funny! I think I like the re-enactment better than the actual story though - a 14 ft zucchini looks more dramatic than a 14 inch one against a bear!