Friday, February 25, 2011

Blue Buyou

Today's color offering is kind of embarassing, but we will sacrifice our pride to warn you of, and illustrate for you, the power of blue which is obviously popping out at us at the grocery store, screaming "buy me, buy me" and possibly even jumping into the cart when our backs are turned. Really, we don't even use some of this stuff. How did it get to our pantry shelves? Is it possible that we are powerless to resist blue packaging?

It is more likely that marketers are keenly aware that blue is the favorite color of 80% of the population and are hoping its calming effect will soothe us into filling our carts full of peaceful-looking, additive-filled, azure-packaged products.

Apparently it works.


Little Lulu said...

Isn't it ironic when blue is considered to be...along with gray...the most unappetizing color? I believe in the food palette there is naturally ocurring only the blue-berry. Fyi, the most appetizing is red.

Barb said...

i love blue.

Jerilynn said...

I love red. Just look at me and you will know that.