Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Rest of the Tower Story

We sent the tower photos to Dad asking for an explanation and here is his reply:

Those are some I took in the mid 40's. The vertical pipe is a coaxial line to the FM antenna on top of the new 465 ft tower. The radial lines are where the copper wire was plowed into the ground. 120 of them. Oh yes, the new tower replaced the 174 ft tower at WTRC, Elkhart.

A request for clarification got this response:

Q: So you were at the top? Why?

A: It was part of my job and besides I enjoyed it.

Q: What do the copper wires do?

A: Without going into a technical discussion, they are to provide a good ground for the transmitter.

Q: Were those trenches all dug by hand?

A: No, we used a tractor and plow.

Q: Were you working at the station then?

A: Yes, '43 to '49

Any other questions class?


Honeybee said...

Did you inherit his fearless approach to heights?

next door Laura said...

Absolutely not!

Honeybee said...

Then I guess you're out for going on my roof to chop the ice dam......

Charlotte said...

Is he on the top looking down or down looking up? either way it makes me dizzy!

Georgiann said...

keep up the great detective work - finding out stuff we never knew before! I LOVE it!! I can't believe he loved that stuff - although I know he did. I don't like heights eigher and just looking at this makes me dizzy too!