Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And They're Off

If you didn't get your tomatoes in over the weekend, do it now! There is such a small window between last frost of spring and first frost of autumn in which to plant, grow, and harvest that we Northerners can't afford to waste a single warm and sunny day. Especially if we are hoping for mammoth prize beauties like these!

If you planted early, playing the odds on whether we would get a late May frost, you have won! Congratulations! You will likely eating BLT's a few weeks ahead of your meteorologically conservative neighbors.

Around NDL HQ the Juliet greenhouse starts went into giant pots last week and soon we expect to receive and plant at the community garden some heirloom varieties promised to us from the Garden Guru. What a great complement they will be for the basil we planted in bulk in the spirit of certain former pesto plantation plot holders and in anticipation of much pesto to see us through tomato season and beyond.


Blue said...

Hmmmm. I don't think I planted enough basil. How many plants with the JB eat? Hmmmm.

Charlotte said...

As you know I am not above cheating a little when it comes to the gardening dept, so Back Home in Indiana I snagged a half grown plant and I was rewarded with my fist deeeelishious cherry tomato a couple of days ago....it said "summer"!