Thursday, May 17, 2012


The invitation said, "come to meet the candidate". It did not say, "you will also be meeting and standing in the same room with the one, the only, Bowzer from Grease and Sha Na Na".

Yes, folks, if you got the invitation and for some reason did not show, you missed not only hearing about Kristen Dexter's plans  to help out as a state senator,  you also missed a chance to hear the election-themed vocal stylings and thoughtful comments of Jon Bauman, aka Bowzer.

And to think that it happened on West Central Street.
 What an interesting and pleasant evening it was.


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Tacitus2 said...

That's something you don't see everyday...

His signature looks like Bouzer to me...a play on his name and Bowzer? Did he loose the rights to the name like Mickey from the Monkees lost song rights?